True 'HIP + JOINT' Chew for Dogs 7z
True 'HIP + JOINT' Chew for Dogs 7z

True 'HIP + JOINT' Chew for Dogs 7z

Soft & Chewy Treats

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It's super important that our dogs have strong hearts, healthy immune systems, and flexible joints. These chews are made with hemp seed and combined with other fatty acids and antioxidants making this chewy treat a doggie superfood. 

Each of the 40 chews per pouch contain:

  • HEMP SEED: Promotes normal heart and vascular function
  • OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS: From hemp seed, salmon and anchovy oil to help support normal cardiovascular function
  • EPA & DHA: From salmon and anchovy oil to enhance immune response
  • ANTIOXIDANTS with PUNICIC ACID: Used to maintain a healthy immune system and help eliminate free radical damage associated with aging

For maximal effect, give twice daily 12 hours apart.

Up to 25 lb    1 chew
25-49 lb    2 chews
50-74 lb    3 chews
75 lb and over    4-6 chews




ACTIVE INGREDIENTS PER 5 GRAMS (ONE CHEW): Hemp Seed Powder (500 mg) Green Lipped Mussel Powder (150 mg) Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (100 mg) Omega 3 (hemp seed, salmon & green lipped mussel) (35 mg) Curcumin (from turmeric root extract) (33 mg),INACTIVE INGREDIENTS FOR ALL FORMULAS: Peas, chickpeas, sweet potato, honey, cane molasses, gelatin, coconut oil, sea salt, calcium lactate, distilled vinegar, natural flavor, lactic acid, citric acid, natural preservatives.